When Andrew wrote me last summer to say that he was planning on proposing to my friend Amy, I started crying happy tears in my living room. Andrew's email subject line alone - "Special Occasion :)" - was enough to get me tearing up before I even opened the email. It's always exciting when one of your close friends gets engaged, but the feeling of being in on the secret just can't be beat; it's indescribable and so, so special.

Amy and Andrew are both from Australia, but they didn't meet until Amy was living in Dubai and Andrew was living in New York. Their first home together was in Manhattan, and then they moved to Long Island City to adopt their dog, Monte. Andrew chose the boardwalk in LIC, with its spectacular views of Manhattan, as his proposal spot - the perfect nod to both their old and new homes together. And he made sure to have a photographer (me!) hiding in the bushes to capture the moment, not just for the two of them, but as their way to share the moment with their families far away. 

Scroll down for a few of my favorite photos from this special evening. It was such an honor to be there. Special thanks to Monte for sitting so nicely during every single photo.



P.S. As if being there to photograph a friend's engagement weren't special enough, I got to take Monte home with me that evening while Amy and Andrew went out to dinner. Just the best!

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