Shooting Maddy and Chris's photos was extra special because Maddy is a close friend of mine. We studied abroad in Paris together during college, and became fast friends bonding over our shared love of photography. In Paris, we would often schedule photo walks together, where we would wander around for hours, cameras in hand, capturing what we loved and discussing our work afterwards. 

When Maddy and Chris asked me to be their wedding photographer, I cried; it is such an honor to be asked to photograph the wedding of such a dear friend. We decided to take their engagement photos at their wedding venue: Maddy's family's home in Old Lyme, Connecticut. We had the best time shooting these photos - and lucked out with the absolute prettiest late afternoon light. 



I can't wait to share the photos from their wedding last summer! They've been submitted to be published, and I'm not allowed to share them on my site until that happens. Fingers crossed that it is soon, so that I can share!

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