It is so important to me that I truly dedicate all of my attention to every couple I photograph; therefore, I photograph a very limited number of weddings each season. It's not just about quality over quantity, but about really taking the time to connect with each couple and to care for their special day as I would the wedding of two dear friends. My favorite thing about photographing weddings is the time that I get to spend with each couple; learning about the two of you - how you met and fell in love and what makes your relationship special - helps me to decide how best to approach my role in turning your memories of this day into a tangible work of art.


An engagement session is a great way to get comfortable being in front of the camera, to get to know your photographer before your wedding day, and to ensure that you have a few really great shots of the two of you for your wedding website and save-the-dates. Beyond that, it's an opportunity to carve out a little bit of time for the two of you to just have fun and celebrate this unique time in your lives together.


I love, love, love photographing proposals. The great privilege of my job is never lost on me, but it is especially clear as I take my place to hide, camera in hand, ready to photograph the once-in-a-lifetime moment of a marriage proposal. It is beyond amazing to be there behind the scenes, capturing these ephemeral moments in photographs to be treasured for a lifetime.

 MARRIAGE proposals

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