Before I was a photographer, I was a ballerina. In my final years onstage, I fell in love with photography. The motions and emotions of ballet that had always inspired me were even more exaggerated and enthralling with a camera in hand, and I was immediately hooked.

Photographing dance came as naturally to me as dancing itself. I would often photograph dancers in rehearsal and have them tell me afterwards that they heard great shots; the camera’s clicks always came right at the height of their jump. As a young photographer, my ability to expertly capture motion became my calling card, and allowed me to grow a portfolio of incredible ballerinas, and to see my work featured in galleries in Paris and New York City.

Years later, as my subjects changed from ballerinas to children, capturing movement became even more important. I’ve never met a child who felt too thrilled about sitting still in a nice outfit and smiling at a camera, but I’ve met many, many children who are more than happy to be asked to run, jump, and dance. Camera in hand, I allow my subjects to be themselves, and by doing so I capture not just what your children look like, but who they are. 

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While I have prompts to offer when you’re still warming up in front of the camera, my best work comes from being a patient observer. The laughs, the cuddles, the moments of pure happiness that I capture and that make my work unique are not staged. It’s my job to create an environment where everyone is having fun and feeling relaxed, and to allow those beautiful, picture-perfect moments to come naturally. 



Every few years, a trendy new editing style pops up on the photography scene, and every content creator rushes to match their instagram feed to the trends. I refuse to edit that way. I believe that the subject of the photo should draw the eye, not the filter or preset that’s been placed on it. 


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I have so much respect both for those who happily share their photos online, and for those who stay private. If you want your photos submitted to a magazine, great! Conversely, if you don’t want them shown anywhere, I completely respect that and will keep your images offline.


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I believe that to capture movement is to photograph emotion at its finest. No fake smiles, no stiff poses. I want a couple’s wedding album to contain photos of their first dance that are as beautiful as their portraits. I want a family album to include photos of the children jumping and laughing. I don’t want to just capture what you look like; I want to photograph who you are.


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